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Why We Started Moore House

It wasn’t started with a round of investor meetings or a business plan (although we have one now). Moore House was started with a bottle of Gin, a bottle of Suze and a bottle of Lillet Blanc. For the uninitiated these are the three ingredients of a White Negroni and they are not cheap or that easy to find. So after our second White Negroni the question was, ‘how can enthusiasts like us enjoy this wonderful drink at home without the hassle and cost of acquiring multiple bottles of spirit?’ The answer became The Moore House Cocktail Company. We want enthusiasts and those who have yet to stray into the wonderful world of cocktails to come on a journey with us. We hope you will enjoy the care and passion we put into our handcrafted cocktails. You can buy individual bottles (100 ml) or three serving bottles (250 ml) to share with friends or just indulge yourself.

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