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Over the past year, Moore House has expanded into hospitality and retail. If you are interested in becoming a stockist, please feel free to email for further information and/or to request samples.

We also offer a 3 Litre pouch option for our cocktails, which are designed for live events and bar service. If you are interested to learn more or have any questions about this, please get in touch at the email above and we’ll be delighted to start a conversation.

From a retail viewpoint [the cocktails] are easy to promote as all the expertise is already there in the bottle itself....we had a really positive response from customers. It was a joy working with Moore House Cocktail Company. We felt incredibly well supported

We’ve had nothing but positive feedback from our customers since putting Moore House Cocktails on the shelf!...We’ve been looking for a range of good quality pre-mixed cocktails for quite some time now and Moore House Cocktails have provided just that! Why spend hundreds of pounds on premium spirits and mixers when you can get the real deal all wrapped up in a fantastic looking presentation bottle.

We’ve had a lot of customers tell us they either received or sent your cocktails as gifts and that they’re really impressed with them. They really like the bottles and think that the cocktails themselves are really great...we’ve had a good number of people ear-marking them for future gifts and events.