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This is our personal crusade. Everyone should have at least one cocktail glass that they LOVE to drink from.When discussing the right glass for a cocktail the discussion usually focuses on shape. The shape is important but, more importantly it is what the glass means to you. This may sound like emotional mumbo jumbo but you are going to have a ‘relationship’ with your cocktail glass even if it's just for a few special moments. It needs to look right, sound right and feel right.

When you visit a good bar or pub these days they seriously invest in glassware to make your visit a great experience. It will make all the difference if you are able to create the same options and ambience at home and this will make your overall cocktail experience outstanding.

We would go a stage further and suggest you have your own special glass. Not that I’m recommending solo drinking, but a glass which means something special to you will enhance your cocktail experience significantly.  

So where can you get beautiful cocktail glasses?

 Here are a few ideas: 

Ask for them as gifts: 

Instead of socks or a tube of hand cream how about you ask for a pair of or a single cocktail glass for Christmas or your next Birthday. Most department stores sell a selection of beautiful glasses ranging from budget price to super luxury (Take a look at Baccarat!) Depending who buys it for you this will immediately make it special to you. 

Dig around in your relatives homes:

 There is a generation who have glass collections but don’t use them anymore. Try an aunt or grandmother who has a ‘cocktail cabinet’ that hasn’t been used for twenty years .They would probably be reallyhappy to see them used rather than gathering dust. Our favourite cocktail glasses belonged to my wife’s grandmother and every time we use them (very carefully) they evoke a nostalgia and pleasure which adds to the experience. 

Visit the local Antique shop or flea market. 

This is our favourite option. Glasses were usually made in sets of 6 or 12. For obvious reasons many of these sets are incomplete. When they are complete they tend to be expensive but you can usually negotiate well for pairs and singles and buy them for a very good price. My favourite stall in Portobello Road market near our home is a glassware stall. The owner knows now that we never buy more than two of any glass and am happy to buy singles if they are the right shape and look. We have beautiful glasses bought from him for £6 although we have also paid £20 for a special one - still cheaper than brand new and they have a story to tell. 


What Is The Right Glass for my Cocktail?

Preparing your glass:When you’re ready to pour your cocktail pop the glasses in the freezer for a minute or two. Alternatively fill the glass with ice which will chill the inner surface.


The Coupe Glass

Also known as a Champagne Saucer or a Coupette if a little smaller. Urban Myth has it that the Coupe glass was moulded in the shape of Marie Antoinette left breast. The truth is the glass was invented in England in 1663 long before the Queen was born. The right glass for Manhattan


The Martini Glass

Often called a Cocktail Glass this has become the generic, even cliched shape for a glass to serve a cocktail. There are really cheap

 versions which will add very little to your drinking pleasure but a good quality one is fine. This is the right glass for an

 Espresso Martini.


Old Fashioned

Another glass named after the best known drink served in it. Also known as a Whisky glass. The thicker the bottom 

and thinner the rim the better. The right glass for a Negroni.


Nick & Nora

                                  A dainty 1930’s glass with a n elongated stem. Named after Nick an Nora Charles a fictional couple from The Thin Man a novel by 

Dashiell Hammett. Much smaller than the Martini or Coupe so good fro serving ‘straight up’ cocktails.