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This is the Cherry on the Cake - or the Cherry in the Manhattan! 

Garnishes add dimension to your cocktail and are a vital part of the presentation as well as, to some extent, the taste. Garnish can be very simple or very precise and ornate. We suggest starting with the basics and progressing if you have a creative streak. Some of the very best bartenders and mixologists stick to the basics so if that’s your choice you will be in very good company. 

 For Moore House Cocktails there are a number of options for garnish


Orange Peel:This is the most commonly used garnish as the citrus oil from the peel nicely compliments the complex flavours of the cocktails. Citrus fruits bring sour notes, subtle bitterness and acidity and create flavour and aroma. For the Negroni you will need a large, fresh Orange and a potato peeler or sharp kitchen knife. Slice off a piece of the peel including the zest just below. You can then cut it into shape or leave it chicly unstructured. Twist the peel over the Negroni to release the oils from the skin, wipe it around the rim of the glass and place it down the side of the ice for decoration.The final touch to the perfect cocktail.


Maraschino Cherries: An essential addition to a Manhattan. The Maraschino Cherry shouldn’t be confused with the Neon Cocktail Cherries or Glace Cherries that still seem to be sold in supermarkets. The Maraschino Cherry is dark, rich and incredibly delicious. The King of Maraschino is Luxardo and you should add one or three (never an even number) to your Manhattan on a cocktail stick.

Espresso Martini

Coffee Beans: Add roasted coffee beans as the final flourish to an Espresso Martini. Some drinkers crunch them after they have finished the cocktail but they are bitter and not really to be recommended.