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Why The Buffalo?

Posted on 30 Jun 2021

Why The Buffalo?

When people ask me about Moore House, the two most common questions are, “Why do  you shake some cocktails, and stir others?’ and “Why the buffalo?”

Cosmo has answered the first question in one of our other blogs, but here’s a little about  why our logo is a Buffalo…

At the time we were thinking about the launch of a cocktail company, I was travelling  through some of the most beautiful states of America - Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

In Yellowstone Park, I was lucky enough to see herds of buffalo roaming wild across the grass prairie. It really is something special to be in the presence of these calm, handsome and somehow wise animals. Even with the company of bears, eagles and wolves the buffalo are the stars of the show, and given celebrity status by the visitors to the area.

Buffalo are massively impressive and command respect even when they are causing major hold- ups...

buffalo on road

Back at Moore House, I wanted something both distinctive and meaningful to me to represent the brand. Something that was established and dependable, linking the best of the past to the vibrant present. The Moore House Buffalo, drawn for us by a local artist, seemed to reflect the way I feel about cocktails – classic but cool.

Many drinks companies use animals as brands – eagles, stags, bats, grouse and bears - all reflecting the origins and different qualities the brands represent. For us, the Moore House Buffalo represents wisdom, strength and dependability.

There is nearly always a follow up question… ‘Is it a buffalo or a bison?'

The answer is, it’s both. When European settlers first arrived in America, they mistook the sixty million bison roaming the grasslands for cape or water buffalo from Africa and Asia, and called them buffalo. The Moore House Buffalo is technically an American bison…not to be confused with the European bison, which is due to be reintroduced back into the wild in the British Isles in 2022 for the first time in 6000 years, and will soon be roaming in woodland near Canterbury, in Kent.

Finally, you may be wondering if there are 'buffalo cocktails’? There are a couple. The Buffalo Bloody Mary, which seems to require the addition of extra hot sauce …and meat! And there is the Buffalo Bill, which is a combination of rye whisky and cider. I’m not sure either will be making it onto our carefully curated list…

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