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Voted 'Best Overall' By The Independent

Posted on 10 Feb 2022

Voted 'Best Overall' By The Independent

Our 'Build a Box' cocktail collection has been voted by The Independent as 'Best Overall' and given a rating of 10/10 in their round up of '10 Best Valentines Gifts for him that he’ll actually want to receive'

Receiving impeccable praise from journalist and tester Richard Jones, who said of our cocktails:

"For presentation from delivery, it’s hard to beat this brilliant cocktail set from premium independent Moore House, which has a real wow factor upon opening up the sturdy, tightly-packed cardboard box.
Inside you’ll find a selection of three pre-made cocktails, which you can whittle down from the six options offered when ordering. These include a bittersweet negroni, a punchy espresso martini, the gent’s classic old fashioned, and a robust Manhattan. Expect to eke out around three good measures from a bottle, which themselves are things of real beauty, as are the little garnishes, the dried orange segment elevating the drink with its ambrosial scent, and the useful cocktail shaker that completes the set.
However, it’s that packaging that truly lifts this gift above the rest of the contenders on this list, quite handily saving you time on gift wrapping, and leaving you with more time to spend with your loved one shaking up your next cocktail."
We are in great company with some fabulous gifts in the review so it is an honour to be voted as Best Overall. 

Read the full write up here

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