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Pancakes The ‘Old Fashioned’ Way

Posted on 24 Feb 2022

Pancakes The ‘Old Fashioned’ Way

Shrove Tuesday Pancake & Cocktail Pairing  

For a more grown-up and indulgent take on Pancake Day, try our pancake and whiskey cocktail pairing; Bacon and maple Syrup pancakes with the award-winning Moore House Old Fashioned. 


This paring recalls the 2007 Benton’s Old Fashioned, created by Don Lee at New York bar PDT. Lee’s unconventional and innovative twist on the classic cocktail infused Bourbon with bacon fat before adding maple syrup and bitters for a flavour profile that evoked the classic American breakfast. Better still, try serving the real thing alongside our fine-tuned Old Fashioned for a memorably decadent treat. 

The unique marriage of flavours and textures works on a number of levels. Sweet and fluffy pancakes pair perfectly with the vanilla notes in the bourbon and smoked, savoury bacon makes best friends with the spicy bitters. Maple syrup’s distinctive nutty taste ties everything together. An orange twist expressed over your Old Fashioned adds a welcome touch of fresh aromatic brightness to contrast the richness.   

Vegetarian?  Try substituting the bacon for some goat cheese. The key is making a substitution with some fat content, like the bacon which will enhance the richness of the Old Fashioned. Additionally, the sharp tang of Goats Cheese will offer some intriguing contrast.

This delicious dish is also perfect for a boozy brunch. Add it to your repertoire and enjoy it all year round we say.


Fluffy American Pancake Recipe

A robust Old Fashioned needs a thicker pancake to stand-up to it, we love this recipe for fluffy American Pancakes by Louisa Carter BBC Good Food.


How to serve your Old Fashioned with fluffy pancakes

Pour into a mixing glass with ice and stir briskly for 30 seconds. Strain into a chilled tumbler with ice and garnish with the zest of an orange. Alternatively stir with ice directly in the glass.

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